Ocean Baby


We are now 2 days away from Santiago and headed for the Ocean. This is also part of the Camino. Many pilgrims would continue past Santiago and walk out to the end of the earth, Finisterre (finis for end, Terre for earth). Now it seems most make this trip on bus.

But not the Bunnells. We are ocean people. We have been viewing the beauty of churches and architecture and statues. we have been truly overwhelmed by the amazing creations by our fellow humans… but… None of that holds a candle to the beauty of all that was made by the One Creator, and for us there is no place that is more on display than at the Ocean.

Both of us have lived next to the ocean for as long as either of us can remember. If you ask me there is nothing better than some sand, the smell of salt water, and miles of endless blue water. We kicked hard today (almost 22 miles) so early tomorrow we will be able to see the ocean, but it wont be until 2 days from now that we can dip our feet into the Atlantic and truly say- end of the earth, Did it!

Random thoughts from Laurie... As Doug mentioned today was long and hard.  One last @#$ kicking from the Camino – lest we think that we conquered it.  The Camino in in charge.  And to make it’s point even clearer a day and a half after we left Santiago and two days before Finisterre I officially got my first blister😞.  I think I would have been a bit too prideful of how our bodies had handled these last many weeks if I didn’t get at least one!  So now as Doug mentioned on to the ocean.  We can already see the environment changing, feel the air changing.  It’s exciting. We are definitely looking forward to looking out on the “attraction” that will never need refurbishing  or be under renovation!


4 thoughts on “Ocean Baby

  1. Thank you for sharing your lives and learning with us. We won’t stop praying just because you get to have a cruise.
    Meaning in everything, even the blister…… I feel joy for you even for that. Faith


  2. I can’t believe it’s almost over!😊 I’ve so enjoyed sharing your journey with you both! I’ve been blessed by your insights. God bless you as you head for the ocean!


  3. Grumpy: so glad you got a blister. It would not have been meet and right had you never gotten one.
    22 miles? Yikes! That is really killin it. Well done!


  4. Dear Laurie & Doug,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible Jubilee Camino Sabbatical with us!
    Eric & I are driving back from So Cal & I started reading your blog out loud as Eric drove. We really got lost in the discussions of spirit & grace & of course, random thoughts!
    Thanks for being a part of our life, dear friends!
    Karen & Eric


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