One Day More…

You have have heard us say it over and over, but once again, we found ourselves at the receiving end of grace upon grace… So many times we would struggle to even count them, but we can give you some high points.

Breakfast- We stayed last night at one of the most amazing Hotels yet- all made of stone and filled with stunning antiques that they were still using, it felt like living in Downton Abbey. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it. My antique loving grandparents would have been astounded. We got to eat breakfast in their old kitchen next to the authentic wood fire oven- yum


Shade- On day T-minus 1 we both found ourselves thankful for shade! There were spots of the trail where we actually felt hot… This was a warm, sunny, beautiful day… Ahhhh- God is good all the time!


Americans- We finally met other Americans- a small youth group from NY with their pastor, his wife, and their youth director all on a pilgrimage. We had a great walk getting to know each of them. They had begun in Sarria (4 days ago) and were quite blistered and sore. It was a great joy to walk with people we could talk with freely and easily.

Big Dog- We stopped at an open bar. Our rule now is if the bar is open, we stop because we don’t know if there will be another one. The owner came out as we were finishing lunch outside and poured 2 puppies into Laurie’s lap. Then we noticed a big head over the fence. The owner left and 1 minute later we were face to face with a truly big dog named Charlie. Charlie was an 8 year old puppy who went from pilgrim to pilgrim spreading love, joy, and a bit of drool. This will be, I am sure, our favorite bar ever.

Looking Forward- And tomorrow we will arrive, 500 miles later, in Santiago. Tune in tomorrow when we can finally say- Did it! For truly we are receiving grace upon grace.

Random thoughts from Laurie…

Home is where your heart is… actually Doug and I have always said that “home is where your ‘choners’ are”…maybe more that you need to know about colloquialisms in the Bunnell house.  However, the point is that even if you are going to be someplace for only a short while, you should live there like you will be there forever.  We have literally had our choners in a different place almost every day for the last 6 weeks or so, but we have tried very hard to be very present in each of these places.  That being said, it is amazing how the landscape in one place can take you right back to another place you have called home.  We have seen rolling golden hills that reminded us of the Bay Area,  tall groves of Eucalyptus trees that take me back to Santa Barbara, beautiful pine trees that are very PNW, even beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom that remind me of my Grandmother’s house.  Home is a wonderful and funny thing… it’s how you should live where you are now and also the memories of where you have been.  I’m glad that Spain will now be part of our “home”.

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