The Last Saunter


I heard the story on my first pilgrimage when I went to Jerusalem. A friend of John Muir wrote that John Muir often spoke about the origin of the word Saunter. Apparently the people who had been heading to Jerusalem would often make their way slowly, appreciating and receiving all the grace that God had for them. They were called Holy Landers, or in their language, Saint-terre-ers, where we apparently inherited that word saunter. I have never been able to find that origin anywhere else, but if it is not true, it should be!

Today was a saunter. We had 9 miles to walk, and all day to do it. I changed the lines to the old Convoy song and began the day singing, “we’ve got a short way to go and a long time to get there.” So we stopped to admire a whole flock of Cranes that seemed to be doing flying practice. Wr stopped to talk to all the cute dogs. We slowed down our pace to extend the beautiful sunny day (we got another one if you can believe it). We spent 10 minutes just taking pictures of lambs in a field. We stopped to get a coffee at the one place open along our 9 mile rout and sat outside in the sun.  The inside of the bar was covered head to foot with ball caps- wow.

Through the day we saw pilgrims motoring past us. These were all new faces to us. They had drive and purpose. While we knew our destination and how long it would take, they seemed bent on getting somewhere quickly. They passed us like we were standing still, sometimes we were. The drive is understandable, we walk that way on 20 mile days. But, now we are less than 25 miles away from Santiago, 2 days of walking (remember we are sauntering). We can almost taste it.. It has truly been a gift to Saunter these last miles and squeeze them for every moment they contain. We have begun to notice even more things that we might have missed had we motored past. While I am excited about arriving, I am also sad to think this season will be coming to an end. It is now less than 48 hours…

Random thoughts from Laurie…

TV much??  📺   Its embarrasing how much Doug and I are children of the “media age”.   I can’t tell you how many times our conversations have gone something like this…

Look at those trees!  Don’t they look like they could start to throw apples at us at any minute?  Or… That’s a big hill, but if Maria and the Von Trapp kids could do it – so can we.  Or… If I start to say “Baa Ram Ewe” do you think those sheep will do whatever I say?  Or… look at this little quiet village, which house do you think belongs to Belle?   Sheesh

The people we love…  Every day as we walk along Doug and I think about and pray for some of the important and special people in our lives.  One day a few weeks ago we were talking about my Mom, and then we saw this


I kid you not.  And the truth is – things like this happen all the time!  So cool.  Now in this particular case, Lynn needs some better friends who don’t think tagging on the Camino is cool- but Doug and I really loved this! ❤️

One thought on “The Last Saunter

  1. I love it that you are almost to Santiago. Here’s a prediction: you will be so filled with joy and gratitude you will cry!!! The Pilgrim’s Mass is amazing.
    And yet it’s very good to savor these last hours, as you have been on a truly special pilgrimage. I’m very happy for you – love, Mel


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